Adamatic Oy

Adamatic Oy is an engineering company networking number of partnership companies in different countries. We represent unique technologies and products combining latest know-how and innovations into engineering experience. We operate mostly in Europe and Middle East where we have strong local partners to support our projects.

We always consider the local conditions and culture in our projects, usually our local managers have several years experience in target country.

Thanks to our partnership company network we can always find the best possible team for each operation.

Environmental Engineering is the area where we are the strongest. According to our philosophy there is no waste, but all material is valuable, we just have to find a proper way to process it and reuse. Furthermore, we believe that incinerating waste is absolutely not right – we shall utilize needless items into new products instead of deleting them. Therefore, our target is to improve recycling methods in order to produce recycled products minimizing emissions and environmental impact.