Environmental engineering

Environmental engineering is an important part of our services. Either as a part of our pyrolysis project or completely independent projects we provide engineering in following areas:

  • Waste processing and sorting
  • Recycling
  • Industrial waste water purification
  • Special waste treatment

Out philosophy is “Small is beautiful”. We are concentrating in small size or mobile units for local operations – we believe that waste shall be mostly recycled in-situ where it is generated, long logistic chains and distances increase emissions into the air and effect to operation feasibility.

We are specialized in tailor-made solutions of machinery, when we engineer, build up a pilot unit, test it and finish the process by designing the production unit. We have direct connections to small and middle-size workshops in Finland and Scandinavia to carry out special projects for environmental and energy engineering and machinery.

For the engineering we use state-of-art software with 3D-drawings providing possibility to provide 3D-printied models and samples.

We work with very different materials from basic black steel to AISI 316 stainless and special materials like titanium and aluminium.